Be Careful What You Wish For – Part 1: Losing Sight of What’s Important

OK, there’s something that you really, really want. You’re absolutely yearning for it with all of your soul and being. All you can think about is how much you want it. You ache for it and hunger for it. You become obsessed with it. You spend all of your waking hours thinking about it – consciously and subconsciously – and how to attain it. It consumes you.

You disregard your health – your diet, your sleep, your recreation, your personal time, your intellectual and creative nourishment. You rationalize that the things you’re doing in pursuit of this dream are for the good of all those involved in your life, yet you ignore them, erecting a wall between you and your partner, family, children, friends, and colleagues. Worse yet, you treat them in ways that leave in your wake a sea of emotional turmoil.

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Slashes and Fulfillment

Slashes are people who pursue many careers at the same time, according to Marci Alboher who wrote the book One Person/Multiple Careers.  Now that so

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Fulfillment and Leadership

If your definition of living a happier life includes fulfillment, and a big part of that fulfillment is learning and growing, you may find a new book by Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, very interesting.

In her latest book, Mind-set: The New Psychology of Success, Professor Dweck discusses the issue of leadership, but not in the traditional sense – she doesn’t debate whether leaders are born or made. Dweck looks at precisely how you think about issues like this one to determine what makes you a better or a worse leader.

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Independence Day

An article in Best Life Magazine titled My Independence Day states that I never really know what all my blessings were until I was held

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Predicting Happiness

Harvard Professor Daniel Gilbert, University of Virginia psychologist Tim Wilson, Carnegie-Mellon economist George Loewenstein, and Princeton Psychologist Dan Kahneman have been studying the question: “What

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Stress and Happiness

There are good kinds of stress and there are bad kinds of stress.  Negative stress can even lead to burnout and depression and anxiety.  Dr.

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Happiness and Work

The UK’s Chiumento wrote an article, called “2007 Happiness at Work Index,” and it stated that relationships we have at work have a large impact

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The Secret to Happiness

Subjective Well-being: an individuals evaluation of their current happiness, this coming from the study “A Global Projection of Subjective Well Being: A Challenge to Positive

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