Going Back to the Well (Using What Works for You): Music Hath Charms to Sooth

How much do you listen to music, and is it more or less than you did when you were younger?  Many people listened to music in college to help them study and somewhere along the way stop listening because they become ‘too busy.’  Music can be soothing, whether it is classical or hard rock, it just depends on the mood you are in when you are listening.  Finding time to listen to music once again can help us realize how good it is for us.How much do you listen to music? Do you listen more or less than you did when you were younger? Do you enjoy music? Do you have a favorite singer, a favorite group, a favorite song?

Many of us, when we were in college, listened to music to study because it “helped us concentrate.” But somewhere after college, a lot of us stopped listening so much. Maybe in the car. Maybe not. We don’t spend as much time with music on because we are too busy doing other things.

Why not dip back into that well? We know that it works. We simply filled our quivers with other arrows and forgot what was inventoried a long, long time ago.

Why not pull out an old CD and give it a listen? Why not get out your favorite song, or pull it up on your computer or MP3 player, and just relax into some soothing music? Even Twisted Sister can be soothing, if that’s the mood you’re in and the kind of music you like.

Too often we give up music because we think we’re just too busy. We manage to find time to listen, watch, or read the news (on our computers or elsewhere). But once we start listening again, we realize how good it is for our souls.

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