A Daily Reminder for Us All: We Are Products of Our Choices

We are constantly making choices, from which shoes or socks to wear or what to drink; these choices add up and become a part of who we are as a person and influences the choices we will make in the future.  Because we have choices we can make changes; choices give us the power to change our lives.We all make choices, every day. Millions of choices, probably, every week, if you count things like which shoe to put on first and whether to drink water or cola.

Choice, after choice, after choice.

They add up and become who we are. And who we are influences new choices, which contribute to who we will be in the future, which influences new choices…

The point is that we have these choices, and because we do, we can make changes. Having choices is incredibly empowering.

We can make different choices, and those choices can change who we are.

It’s amazing, that we can make changes and do things differently, no matter what we’ve done in the past and no matter what mistakes we think we’ve made.

Choices give us the power to change our lives, one single choice at a time.

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