Life Coaches Blog Column: The Science of Happiness — Writing Your Own Formula for Happiness

“Science of Happiness” implies that there is a formula, and a scientific method at that, that you can follow to discover what makes you happy.  Everyone’s formula is different because there are so many different factors contributing to each individuals own happiness, along with different levels of happiness; happiness from family, from our career, and from getting a refund check.   Everyone looks for happiness in their lives and the formula has many different parts to it and each part may be there in different amounts.The term “science of happiness” implies there is a formula and that you can follow a scientific method of discovery to determine what makes you happy. The formula for “happy” for each of us is different because there are so many factors that contribute to individual happiness.

There’s the happiness we may feel in having a career that is going well. There’s the happiness we feel in being with people we love and can be ourselves with. There’s the happiness that comes from helping others – from going out of our way to do something, unasked, for someone else that improves their life or circumstances. And there’s a different kind of happiness we feel when we get the tax refund check in the mail or find a great positive error in our favor in the old checkbook.

Underlying the different levels and types of happiness, however, could be a complex set of circumstances that seem to chase rabbits before they settle into a strongly happy feeling. Somewhere, though, there is a formula, particular to each person, that combines the factors and components of life into an existence that is positive and fulfilling.

The fact is we all look for happiness in our lives, and the “formula” for being happy has many component parts. The basic formula has a work/career component, a self-esteem and identity component, and a family/friends component. As with any formula, each component may be present in different amounts.

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