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Interesting LA Times Post About Coaches

From the LA Times: Need Help Parenting? OK, Just Hire a Coach: Britney Spears has a County court commissioner’s order to get a parenting coach or she might lose custody of her children; this article throws a spotlight on the many different types of people who need coaching in things.  Most people aren’t court ordered to receive a coach, they are just availing themselves to the growing class of professional coaches that includes psychotherapists and self-styled entrepreneurs. This from the LA Times: Need help parenting? OK, just hire a coach

“An L.A. County court commissioner’s order on Tuesday that pop star Britney Spears get one — or risk losing custody of her children — throws a spotlight on this unusual entry on the roster of experts for hire. Ruling in a custody dispute between the singer and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, the commissioner also said there was evidence that Spears was a “habitual” user of alcohol and drugs and ordered her to undergo regular drug testing.

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But most people who seek a coach aren’t under court order to do so. A variety of parents, whether honing their skills as caregivers or seeking direction through the sea of child-rearing books and techniques, are availing themselves of this growing class of professionals that includes trained psychotherapists and self-styled entrepreneurs.”

Read the LA Times article at:,0,2717993.story?coll=la-home-local

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