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New Perspective: How About A New Pair of Glasses for Everyone!

Do you need a new perspective today?  Stop and think what it is like putting on a new pair of glasses – you are so excited to see everything around you that you don’t even notice the minor imperfections and new glasses give you an automatic positive outlook.  You might not of thought about new glasses in those terms but it’s true isn’t it?  You always feel better about everything, all the time, for quite sometime after putting on new glasses.  Here are three tips to help you get a new perspective today.  If you wear glasses or contacts, or if you’ve ever seen someone put on a new pair of glasses, you understand that when you don new glasses, the world looks fresh and new. You notice things you’ve never seen before, and even though you may see flaws like dirty windows or cracks in the sidewalk, you are so excited just to see everything that you don’t even notice these imperfections.

Putting on new glasses gives you an automatic positive outlook. You may not have ever thought about it like that, but isn’t it true? Don’t you feel better about everything, all the time, for quite a while after putting on new glasses?


It’s a “Wow!” point of view. You look around and everything looks a little different. “Wow! I never noticed that!” “Wow! Look at that over there!” Even if you’ve worn glasses for twenty years, a new pair with no scratches or cracks is a wonderful and enlightening experience.

You feel better about your world with new glasses, and this shows. I’m sure one reason people notice when you’re wearing new glasses is that the frames are different. But I think another reason is that they look at you more intently because of your attitude. You’re so obviously happy and enjoying everything in life, that you draw more than casual glances, and people look at you in a way they may not have looked at you since they got to know you.

You look different to them not only because of your new look, but because of your new attitude. Your outlook has changed your look.

You feel better about yourself, of course, because you picked out frames that make you look good. But you feel better about the world because of your new glasses. You have a new outlook.

I was thinking recently, how cool it would be if everyone in the world got a “new glasses” outlook, all at once. What if everyone, suddenly and permanently, had a new perspective on everything in their lives? What if we all started thinking more positively and working harder to be patient and understanding? What if compassion could be put on like a new pair of glasses?

Of course I don’t mean physical glasses anymore. We’re not going to get the new perspective we need by going down to the local optical center and saying, “Fix me up.”

This kind of positive thinking, patience, compassion and understanding only come through really trying to let go of the negative attitude, impatience, and intolerance.

We can only put on these new glasses consciously. And every time we put them on, for a long time, they’re going to slip off and have to be put back on again. And again and again.

That’s the main reason I think we all need our new glasses now. Because it’s going to take a while to get used to wearing them.

What can you do to get a new perspective today?

  • Define what this new perspective would be like for you.
  • Pick one area to work on now.
  • Start noticing your behavior in this area today.

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