Author, Speaker, Addiction & Relinquishment Consultant, Relinquishee, Adoptee, MPE

David B. Bohl

Author, Speaker, Addiction & Relinquishment Consultant, Relinquishee, Adoptee, MPE

David B. Bohl, MA, Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC), Master Addiction Counselor (MAC), is a relinquishee and adoptee, a professional independent addiction and recovery consultant at Beacon Confidential LLC,  a writer, speaker, and author.

First and foremost, David B. Bohl is a relinquishee and an adoptee. Professionally, he is an independent Addiction and Recovery Consultant at Beacon Confidential LLC, and he knows his business through and through having once been a consumer of mental health services. David has also recovered from Substance Use Disorder (he’s been in remission from alcohol and tobacco use disorder for many years). He is Masters Degreed, holds a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC) credential, and Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) license.

An author, an accomplished public speaker, and an adoption consultant, David’s biggest strength lies in having lived through the relinquishment and adoption experience. His knowledgeable approach is that of compassion and open-mindedness, and he combines his formal education with his own, natural compulsion to help others. If you were to ask David what his favorite work aspect is he’d tell you that it’s the ability to do something deeply meaningful and personal day-in and day-out. Whether this is through his work with individuals, families, and/or organizations experiencing addiction or by working with those who have gone through relinquishment trauma, or the combination of both, David offers a unique perspective that considers adoption (and/ or addiction) as a developmental and/ or chronic trauma or stress that affects everyone: the individual client, and their family—adopted and genetic.

David understands that although person in the recovery and relinquishment communities often lead similar lives to others, their experiences are specific to their background and individual stories. Those stories involve having to experience and overcome such hurdles as stigma, insufficient social supports, and home/work environments, loss, grief, identity development, self-esteem, lack of information about medical background (including mental health and addiction predispositions). Those stories are David’s story as well.

David lives in the Midwestern U.S. and shares his services in the U.S. and abroad.  He enjoys spending time with his wife of 40 years and adult children, and is fond of a meditative technique called Blue Mind (a calm mind state that’s found by being in and/or around the water). His pursuit of knowledge and understanding of personal growth and recovery is at the root of his personal and professional experiences.

In his volunteer work, David is also an Addiction and Recovery Consultant to the National Association of Adoptees and Parents (NAAP), and an Advisory Board Member of Wisconsin Family Connections Center (WiFCC). He facilitates an Addiction and Adoption Constellation virtual support group for all individuals in the adoption constellation desirous of initiating, practicing, or supporting recovery.

Relinquishment and Addiction:

What Trauma Has to Do With It

David B. Bohl, MA / Jamie Marich, PhD

Despite knowing the risk for relinquished persons, there remains a chasm in awareness, both within and outside the adoption community about the special, unspoken, and unmet needs of relinquished persons and their families.

Authors David B. Bohl, MA, and Jamie Marich, PhD, provide an overview of the complex issues involved in relinquishment and adoption, and in particular, as they relate to susceptibility of addiction.

parallel universes

Parallel Universes

The Story of Rebirth

David B. Bohl, MA


In this poignant and powerful memoir, David B. Bohl reveals the inner turmoil and broad spectrum of warring emotions—shame, anger, triumph, shyness, pride—he experienced growing up as a “relinquished” boy. Adopted at birth by a prosperous family, Bohl battled throughout his earlier years to keep up a good front and surpass expectations as he tried desperately to fit in. An overachiever at everything he undertook, whether in sailing, academics, or life as a trader on the Chicago Exchange floor, he continued his search for happiness, often finding it in a bottle or pill, and ultimately becoming a raging and wealthy alcoholic.

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