Building a Strong Financial Foundation

Working with financial planners and lifestyle coaches, one step at a time, will help you put together a complete lifestyle package to guide you through not only your financial future, but also your lifestyle – setting up goals and milestones to help you support your personal beliefs, culture preferences and values that define who you are.

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Are You Exploiting Your Strengths?

“Play to your strengths.” How many times have you heard that one? How many times have you heard it, and within one day had to do something you knew was not a strength of yours, because you felt you had no choice?

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Goals: Know When to Fold ‘Em

Sometimes in life you just have to give up. That may seem like a pretty absurd statement from a professional coach and lifestyle mentor, but I think it’s the most important advice I ever got, and the most important thing I can share with a client who’s facing something that is just not humanly possible.

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Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach? Not!

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach will premier on major wireless carriers beginning Monday, November 12th.

Offered by CBS Mobile, the animated program featuring Bonaduce’s voice will air new three-to-five minute episodes every two weeks. “Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach” “will offer satirical life lessons and the results of Bonaduce’s counsel.”

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Your Life in Balance – Review

“Your Life in Balance” is an excellent e-book written by David Bohl from Slow Down Fast. It is very well thought-out and written and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make the most out of their life.

I have had the pleasure of reading and now writing a review of David Bohl’s insightful ebook …

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Life Coaches Blog Column: The Art of Predicting Your Own Lasting Happiness

Can the achievement of happiness be predicted in any meaningful sense? Simply put, yes it can. If you have close (safe, nurturing, comforting) personal relationships and fulfilling work to do, and you know yourself and what you are about, you can predict that you will have enough good things in your life to bring you lasting happiness. No life is without conflict, pain or even moments of fear, but overall happiness counter-balances all the trials and challenges life hands you. If you have those things working in your life that generate a bone-deep level of happiness you have an automatic cushion against getting bounced on your ear by the unexpected.

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Blogging for Change

Looking to land that new job or brand your company? Get blogging.

That’s Debbie Weil’s advice. You’ll find her over at BlogWrite for CEOs She was quoted in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal in an article titled “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.”

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