My Podcast Interview with Mike Vardy of EffTD™

Here are a couple questions that Mike Vardy of EffTD asked me.

I did a really fun and unique interview today with Mike Vardy of EffTD™. Mike’s satirical sense of style and humor was a real hoot.

who-is-mike-vardy.jpgThe podcast will be up shortly (Friday?).

Here are a couple of questions Mike asked me:

  • “Tell me about “The Bohl Report.” Is it anything like the report by Drudge or the “report’ by cultural icon Stephen Colbert?”
  • “I see you offer Coaching Plans – which, as you know, I believe should be called “Coaching Schemes”*. What’s the difference between each scheme, and how in the heck do you do all this stuff yourself? You do know that you don’t have to that, right?”

I’ll let you all know when the podcast is available. In the mean time, go ahead – check out EffTD™.

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