Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach? Not!

Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach will air on CBS Mobile beginning Monday, November 12th.  The take of the show is to offer satirical life lessons and the results of Danny’s counsel.  The show allows fans to sign up for regular life coaching and receive counsel via text messaging.  The show will no-doubt be amusing, but it would be better if they got a real life coach and offered that person’s services to mobile subscribers.

Danny Bonaduce, Life Coach will premier on major wireless carriers beginning Monday, November 12th.

Offered by CBS Mobile, the animated program featuring Bonaduce’s voice will air new three-to-five minute episodes every two weeks. “Danny Bonaduce: Life Coach” “will offer satirical life lessons and the results of Bonaduce’s counsel.”

Here’s a quote from RCRWireless News:

“We feel a strong social responsibility at CBS Mobile, especially for celebrities in need. So we thought, what better way to help than providing timely advice from Danny Bonaduce, a life management expert, on a most personal medium—the cellphone?” joked Cyriac Roeding, executive VP at CBS Mobile.

What is Bonaduce’s take on the new show?

“Do as I say … not as I do.”

The following video is not suitable for all audiences:

[youtube]http://youtube.com/watch?v=ReaVRgSRImk[/youtube]The show will offer interactive elements that allow fans to sign up for regular life coaching from Bonaduce – and receive ‘counsel’ via text messages.

The show will be spectacular and “buzz-worthy” no doubt.

It may also cause much confusion for those not familiar with coaching. The fact of the matter is that coaching is not an advice-giving and counseling service.

Professional coaches are private guides who work to help you define and develop your personal strengths; create a plan for living that answers to your unique wants and needs; and motivate you to perform better in areas of your life that you specify.

Coaches are:

  • Trained to listen, observe, and customize their approach to your needs.
  • Always seeking to elicit strategies and solutions from you.
  • Enhancers of existing client skills, resources and creativity.

Counselors, on the other hand, use a variety of communication methods to help improve your relationships or make a positive impact on your mental health. Note that coaches are NOT mental health professionals. We do not diagnose, treat, or ‘fix’ you. We are a living tool and collaborative partner for motivation, personal growth and accountability.

Will the show in its current form be amusing? Maybe. But what would truly be incredible would be to find a real, professional, trained life coach and have him or her offer real life coaching to mobile subscribers. That would be “buzz-worthy”.

Thanks to The Wasted Celebrity for including this post in the Carnival of Celebrity Gossip.

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