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Your Life in Balance – Review

A review of my ebook, Your Life in Balance: A Breakthrough Guide for Creating the Life You Desire, by Craig Wilson.

I’d like to thank Craig Wilson, author of the blog Escape from the Rat Race, for the glowing review he published of my eBook: Your Life in Balance: A Breakthrough Guide for Creating the Life You Desire.


“This is not a paid review, this is an honest opinion of a top quality ebook!” ~ Craig Wilson

More importantly, I’m delighted that Craig found value for himself in the book.

Here’s Craig’s review:

“Your Life in Balance” is an excellent e-book written by David Bohl from Slow Down Fast. It is very well thought-out and written and I recommend it to anyone who wants to make the most out of their life.

I have had the pleasure of reading and now writing a review of David Bohl’s insightful ebook entitled “Your Life in Balance”. David’s ebook takes you on a journey that examines every aspect of your life and has great methods for digging deep and finding what it is that YOU need to change to achieve a balanced, enjoyable life.

David Bohl is not just another ‘trained’ life coach. David draws on his own life experiences as the basis of his teaching. He has been there, done that as far as an unbalanced work/home life is concerned and has made positive changes to achieve a balanced life and you can learn from his real world experience through this ebook. This unique perspective makes for an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.”

Read the rest of Craig’s review here.

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