Report the Good News!

The “war stories” of people with substance-use disorder prove to be some of the most enticing stories, judging how popular they are. They can be

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American Adoption Congress Beacon Newsletter

The American Adoption Congress has featured Parallel Universes:  The Story of Rebirth in their September Newsletter. #addictionrecovery #addictionmedicine #addictionpsychiatry #addiction #alcoholism #mindfulness #substanceusedisorders #psychotherapy #interventions

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It’s a Group Effort

What does it mean to belong? This is a question that’s always been on my mind—ever since I knew I was relinquished, ever since I

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Stand by My Side

I’ve been really lucky to have a supportive partner throughout my journey of recovery, but I know that this is often not the case when

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Having FUN is Horrible

Living sober in this world obsessed with alcohol can seem is hard. After all, how do you “do” birthdays, weddings, work parties, national holidays, Christmas?

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