Letting Go of Negative Thinking and Fear

I know a few people for whom everything has to be a problem. If they get a promotion, they’re worried about whether they can do the work. They’ll probably end up getting fired, they say. They shouldn’t have taken the promotion.

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Put Fun in Your Time Management Strategy

Time management has become an integral part of attaining success and maintaining a work life balance. We carefully plan out each day, from business meetings to the kids’ soccer practice to our doctor’s appointment. All of our responsibilities are carefully accounted for.

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Life Balance or Life Juggling?

For many of us, “balancing” home and work is not a balancing act so much as a juggling act. If you’ve ever seen the guy on the old late night show spinning plates on dowels, you might compare your life to that. Sure, you have your plates in balance, but you have so many plates, you’re in danger of dropping a few of them any minute now.

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9 Ways To Play

When Did You Last Play?

Most of us, when asked when we last played, would be likely to snort in derision (I’ve always wanted to snort at something in derision, but never have), and say, “I’m an adult. I have responsibilities.”

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Achieving Goals: It’s Solely Up to You

No matter who you are, where you’ve been or where you’re headed, there is always room
for change – a new perspective and a new plan to define what’s most important to you.
Remember – the goal here is to know that a cookie-cutter prescription for success simply doesn’t exist in today’s world. To know that it’s ultimately up to you to make the plan.

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