Understanding The Power Of Possibility

I’ve provided three tips to help you begin to explore the power of possibility in your life.

A friend of mine is getting a new office, and it’s fun watching her think about what she wants. Because she’s moving into a completely new room in her home, she is free to take whatever she wants from the old room, and leave what she doesn’t want. She can repaint as she wants, put in new flooring, and basically start from scratch.

I’m enjoying watch my friend look at this blank canvas and say, “What I’d really like is a low bookshelf running all along that wall and serving as counter space for my printers and scanner.” What I’m enjoying is watching her then walk into her daughter’s bedroom, point at just such a low bookshelf and say, “Hey. Can I have that?”


It’s the possibility quotient. It’s knowing that if you want to paint your walls bright yellow, your trim blue and your desk red, no one is going to say, “No, you can’t do that,” or even ask you why you’d want your office in primary colors.

What I’m really enjoying about this, though, is watching my friend explore all the possibilities in her life.

As she runs full-tilt toward 40, with no sign of a midlife crisis in site, she’s looking at everything in her life. This office is too cold and doesn’t have a door? Let’s find another room.

I’m having some problems with my health that I’ve always tolerated? Let’s get to the doctor and get out of this chronic pain.

I’m tired of working for people I don’t like doing work I hate? Let’s find some work I like.

I’m tired of drab walls? Let’s paint them yellow!

As a lifestyle mentor and professional coach, I get a real kick out of watching people understand that they have the power to change. It’s like the proverbial light bulb going off and someone saying, “Wow! I can have anything I want!”

Understanding that “anything” for most people is usually something they can achieve, I love watching these people realize they can have what they want. My friend, for instance, is a writer, and I’ve enjoyed watching her realize that what she does is very valuable and start to break out of her shell and start to push harder at the limits she’s always set on herself.

It’s a lot of fun watching people realize that they are forces of nature and that they can make a tremendous difference in their own lives. We all know that about other people, but sometimes not so much about ourselves.

I think one of the most important moments in life is when we say, “This is not it,” and then start thinking, “If not this, then what?” Because the “then what” part of that question is the power of possibility. Then what? Primary colors, anyone?

How can you begin to explore the power of possibility in your life?

  1. First, identify one area in your life in which you are not completely happy. Maybe not unhappy, but it could be better.
  2. Now, ask yourself, if not this, then what?
  3. Then what? Get started.

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