Put Fun in Your Time Management Strategy

We all need to have a little fun in our lives. You should be adding activities into your day that bring you joy or that you think are fun. Make time to have a little playtime each and every day.

Time management has become an integral part of attaining success and maintaining a work life balance. We carefully plan out each day, from business meetings to the kids’ soccer practice to our doctor’s appointment. All of our responsibilities are carefully accounted for.

Just as important to your mental and physical health is the inclusion of fun activities in your schedule. Your mind and body need the release, and in the long run will be able to function better when you allow yourself to indulge in a little bit of play time.


Visit a Playground

Enjoy an afternoon with your children at the local park or playground. Climb on the monkey bars, ride on the swings, play a game of tag, chase a Frisbee, or fly a kite. If your children are not used to such behavior from you, they may initially think you have lost your mind, but they will be delighted by it. Not only will you be taking a crucial step towards maintaining work family balance, but you will be giving yourself a complete, if only temporary, release.

When you return to your daily responsibilities, you will do so with a renewed freshness and energy. Your mind will be ready to go back to work, and your body will feel better. Getting the blood flowing improves your overall health, and you will be forging a stronger, closer bond with your children in the process. Jobs may come and go, but your memories of playing in the park with your kids will last a lifetime.

Take in the Arts

Plan an hour or two into your week to visit a local museum or art show, go to the movies, or take in some theater. Arts are an important part of our culture, but they also are another means of providing a temporary escape. You may prefer to spend the afternoon with a cherished friend, or go out on a date with your spouse. This is another instance where you can escape the rat race while nurturing important relationships.

Plan a Picnic

Set out a lunch in the park, or take a wine and cheese basket to the beach at sunset. A picnic is a great way to relax and unwind, and the fresh air and sunshine will boost your spirits. You can plan a romantic evening meal with your loved one, pack up your entire family for a spirited outing, or simply visit a park during your workday for a brief lunchtime respite.

If you do decide to take your lunch hour outdoors, be sure to leave the office behind. The reason for getting out is to refresh and renew yourself, so you can return with increased motivation. You will not renew yourself if you carry your worries with you.

Take Up a Sport

You can get involved in a local softball league, join a tennis group, or take up rollerblading. Whether you find enjoyment in a group setting or prefer to play on your own, becoming involved in a sport is a great way to add some fun to your life.

Sports not only get your mind off of your problems and get you out from behind your desk, but the exercise improves your health and self-confidence. Improved confidence leads to greater success both on the field and in the office.

Blowing off some steam at the end of your workday will allow you to deal with your inquisitive spouse and crying children with renewed patience and understanding. Tackling chores such as dinnertime and homework will seem easier when you make the positive change of adding a physical outlet or measure of release into your life.

You should be adding activities into your day that bring you joy or that you think are fun. You can have a little playtime every day, or allow yourself time on two or three days each week to engage in activities you enjoy. Treat this time with the same importance you would a business engagement or a doctor’s appointment. Write it in your day planner or enter it into your PDA as you would any other significant engagement. After all, your continued happiness will keep you on the path to success in your life.

Thanks to E3 Success Systems for including this post in the Carnival of Success Principles.

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