When Family Comes First

It is incredibly difficult trying to balance a career, family, exercise, and personal enjoyment all at the same time. It can become a real juggling

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How to Finance Death

From my guest post How to Finance Death at Dumb Little Man: “Any unfinished business is a cause of ongoing stress, just thinking of getting

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Action or Inaction: Which Will You Regret More?

How many times have you heard someone saying, “I sure wish I would have…” or “If only I had taken the chance and…”. Our lives are full of decisions. And a decision we make every day is whether or not to do certain tasks. The question is which will you regret doing more – an action that you took, or an action that you didn’t take? For most us, we end up regretting the actions we didn’t take far more than we regret those that we did.

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