Setting the Example for Your Children

From my post 3 Great Ways to Set an Example for Your Children at The Positivity Blog:

istock_000001614038xsmall.jpg“Children are like little sponges. Without us even realizing it, they soak up every last thing we say and do. Much to our chagrin, they usually disclose the most embarrassing or intimate details to total strangers, at the most inappropriate moments. They seem to just have a natural gift for it.

If we pay attention to what our children say to us, though, we realize just how much they pay attention to us. They look to us to set the example, to be their guidance, and to teach them right from wrong. They want us to establish boundaries for them, and they learn from us how to behave, and how to treat others.

As we go about our busy lives it is important to ask ourselves what kind of example we are setting for our children. What we do and say shapes the people they will become, so we need to stop for a moment and take into account what kind of future adults we are creating.

The push to create work life balance has been gaining momentum. It is important to maintain this balance for the emotional well being of your children, as well as for yourself.”

Read the rest of 3 Great Ways to Set an Example for Your Children.

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