How to Finance Death

From my guest post How to Finance Death at Dumb Little Man:

“Any unfinished business is a cause of ongoing stress, just thinking of getting the most out of your mortgage will cause hairs to fall out. While it’s not the most joyful topic, any steps towards overall personal development should involve tying up all the loose strings of your life. This includes planning for your ultimate demise, and determining how your assets are to be distributed once you have left this life behind.

istock_000003471582xsmall.jpgThere are many who believe that once you’ve died the disposition of money or property is no longer of concern. Yet most of us have family members we would like to know are taken care of when we are no longer there to see to it ourselves. At the very least, the greediest person can take steps to ensure the tax man is cut out of the equation.”

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