Loving What You Do

Lifehack has a post from The Ririan Project titled “10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs” and his lessons on being successful. Here’s one of my

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Is Blogging on the Beach a Violation of Work-Life Balance?

That’s what Susie Wee asks over at her HP Research, Technology, & Teamwork blog.

You see, Susie is conflicted – she’s laying on a beach in sunny Hawaii, blogging away, and feeling a little bit guilty that she’s not able to “sit back, relax, and reflect.”

Susie feels that she may be rationalizing things

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Personal Concierge Services Promise Life Balance

In an earlier post today, I wrote about examining our motives when it comes to buying things – goods and services – to seemingly make our lives easier.

The vicious cycle looks like this: We work hard and long, so we wind up dining out several nights a week, or we hire a service to attend to our lawn or our homes or our pets because we “don’t have enough time.” We rely upon these things, and they become integral to our new budgets. This becomes our new ‘norm.’

We then want still more, so we work even harder, finding ourselves with even less time …. The pattern goes on and on.

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What Is Balance, Anyway?

Leslie Morgan Steiner’s Washingtonpost.com On Balance blog post of March 29Th asks the following:

“So what is balance, anyway? Do you have to have children in order to struggle with balance issues? How do you find your own balancing point in life? What makes you think you are balanced — and others are not — or vice versa? What happens when you tip over — how do you right yourself and your life?”

Good questions!

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I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Some of you have noticed that I have posted a book on My Reading List on my Squidoo page Who is David B. Bohl? titled “I Don’t Want To Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” by Terrence Real. When I say “noticed”, I mean you’ve wondered to me what that’s all about.

It is true – Dr. Real’s book is about men and depression. But it is so much more. I think the book jacket does a great job when it states: “I Don’t Want To Talk About It offers great wisdom, hope, and practical guidance to men and their families. This is one of the most important and straightforward books ever written about men.”

What I get most from Terrence Real’s book is a person who understands me. If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’ll explain.

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Daily Conventions for Life Balance

One of the things I learned some time ago was that to achieve balance, I need to take action.

Toward that end, I set up a simple system of daily conventions: some simple habits and routines to practice every day to help me achieve the goals that I had prioritized.

One thing that I do every day is to phone a friend.

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