New eBook by Recovered Workaholic Helps People Reclaim the Perfect Balance Between Work and Family and Re-Capture Lost Feelings of Inner Happiness

David B. Bohl used to work 100 hours a week. His family took a backseat to his fast-moving, high-paying career, and he eventually paid the price in the form of exhaustion, stress and a non-existent family life. Bohl has since recovered from this work fanatic, pressure cooker life and has done a complete 180. He now focuses completely on his values, beliefs and ideals, and as a result enjoys total life balance between work and family, and coaches people on how to do the same.

That’s the way the press release read this morning. The language may sound colorful, but it’s difficult to do justice to the actual living of the story that those words describe.

I can’t say I’m proud of the life I initially lived, but I’m delighted to have found my way clear to the other side.

If you’d like to read the rest of the press release, you may do so here.

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