Penelope Trunk, author of Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, hits the mark in her message (in her book) for individuals seeking to affect real change and to achieve goals in their careers. Penelope’s book isn’t the normal ‘self-help’ author or advice columnist book. She’s traveled the path – been there done that and puts her experiences out there. You’ll learn how to achieve success on your terms not somebody else’s.

I had the time and opportunity today to read Penelope Trunk’s new book Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success. Penelope is the syndicated career columnist at The Boston Globe and Yahoo! Finance, as well as author of the blog Brazen Careerist.

I must admit that after reading several reviews from the Web, I was wondering how I’d relate to a book written to Gen Xers and Yers, given that I’m from the Baby Boomer generation (albeit towards the end – I’m 46, putting me in the last quartile amongst my cohorts ).

It didn’t take me long, however i know how to fix your credit and to realize that Penelope’s message hits the mark for individuals seeking to affect real change and to achieve goals in their careers.

Have you ever had these feelings?

  • You don’t value the same things many of your colleagues in the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds do.
  • You don’t want their jobs or their lives.
  • You wouldn’t trade anything you have for what they have or what they aspire to be or have.
  • You’ve found something different (or want to) and want to hang onto it.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you whatever your age.

I’ve read Penelope’s blog Brazen Careerist for some time. I’m not certain that it’s appropriately named. Ms. Trunk certainly is daring and unashamed, but I find her anything but someone whose overriding motivation is career advancement.

Penelope Trunk proves this when she shares the following:

“Work is not just a means of support, but a lifestyle choice that must challenge, entertain, and encourage personal growth.”

How many of us truly think of our jobs/careers/businesses as lifestyle choices?

This isn’t a book written by the usual self-help author or advice columnist. Penelope Trunk has traveled the path and shares with us her experience, strength, and hope. Through her personal stories and practical advice you’ll learn how to achieve success on your terms, not somebody else’s.

This book offers 45 specific, practical suggestions that you can use over and over again:

  • As a starting point
  • As your individual strategic plan
  • As your personal business or operational plan
  • As a source of reference to come back to whenever you need a reminder or a boost.

In addition to these useful recommendations, the book is strewn with deeper reflections, including:

  • Taking responsibility for one’s own life
  • Seeking real change through learning and growing
  • Growing comfortable with one’s self and one’s identity through authenticity,
  • Leading a life of fulfillment, flexibility, and usefulness

And so much more.

When I first picked up Brazen Careerist: The New Rules for Success, I was admittedly apprehensive. By the time I finished, however, I felt rejuvenated – my energy, excitement, and creative thought came to me en mass. I had “dipped back into the well” for my refreshment.

Whether you’re looking for a refresher or a guide on laying the groundwork, Penelope Trunk’s book will help you to get clear on your professional and personal goals and to leverage your inherent skills to attain those objectives.

Recommendation: Read Brazen Careerist NOW.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5

I have recommended this book to my wife,
who has recently returned to the corporate world after a very long
absence, and to my children, both of whom are attending college.

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