Building You Up

For many people, quitting drugs or alcohol might seem like a sentence – no more carefree boozy afternoons, no more unpredictable fun with friends, no

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Relapse – You Have Not Failed

It’s a grim reality, but the lockdown has been particularly difficult for people struggling with addiction. Someone with new sobriety is especially vulnerable, as chances

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Trust Your Reality

I’m sure you’ve been bombarded by all kinds of information given the world that we live in right now. Whether on the news or social

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Brave New World

We are now in the world that is quite different from what it was a year ago. It is safe to say that a lot

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The Question of Sobriety

One of the assumptions people make about someone quitting drugs or alcohol is that they are now sober. According to one definition, sober means “not

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Finding Trust Again

One of the hardest aspects of being a trauma and addiction survivor is being able to recover to the point where we can learn to

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relinquishment and addiction
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