Are You Living Consciously?

Most of live our whole lives, to some extent, in this half-waking, half-conscious way. More…We know what we’re doing, but we don’t think about it. We don’t stop to consider whether this is the right job for us, whether this friend is dragging us down, whether we need to spend more time on what we really love and enjoy.

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Opting Out of Useless Information

Although I often wonder why I need mail in today’s day and age, I’m not opting out of mail anytime soon. I am, however, taking the time to reconsider the amount and types of digital and print media that I consume. I’m controlling my subscriptions.

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Information Overload and the Death of Email: What We Can Learn from Our Kids

When my kids went off to college, I was worried, as all parents are, if they were ready to embrace today’s world and not by consumed by it. I found comfort in the fact that their schools were providing them with email accounts and that I had provided them with cell phones with endless minutes. “How did my parents ever get along while I was away at school without instant access to me?” I wondered, but was quite grateful for the technological conveniences that today’s world offered to them (and to me!).

It took me a while to learn the ‘rules’ of communicating with young people who were stretching their wings of newfound independence.

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The Myth of Productivity

Have you ever had a productivity study done where you work? They’re kind of funny, if they’re not being inflicted on you. The idea is that you can measure how “productive” someone is, and tell them how to maximize the use of their time and be “more productive.”

The problem is that productivity is not objective.

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