Everyday Creativity and Personal Growth

Everyone is creative. Whether you think you are or not, you are! Creativity exists in all different ways. Once we acknowledge this we can find ways to use our creativity.

If you don’t think of yourself as creative, I think you’re missing a great opportunity to grow as a person – to become who you really are and who you want to be.

Everyone is creative. Everyone. We just don’t think of certain things as creativity, and that’s a mistake. When we decide that we’re not creative because we don’t sing, or paint, or write, or act, we’re missing out on all the things that we are very creative in doing, and we miss seeing how those everyday creative acts can help us grow.


I know of a woman who thinks she is absolutely not creative in any way. She recently got a degree in the information technology field, and is currently working within her agency to help another department convert to new software.

Converting to new software is a real pain, especially when you’re a busy department in a university medical center and people are depending on your computer systems. This woman has a real knack for explaining the ins and outs of the new system in terms of, “You know when you want to…” She brings up a specific task, explains how it used to be done, to ground the user in the familiar, and then explains how to do it on the new system.

This is true creativity. Finding a way to explain something people are reluctant and anxious about learning, as well as making it easy, is a difficult task, and she’s great at it.

If you have an area in your life where you can “use your noggin,” which is really all creativity is, you can take that technique and apply it to areas in your life where you’re working to grow.

Let’s go back to the example of the computer tech. If she can explain to someone else how to use the new system, easily and without a high learning curve, then she can use that creativity to show herself how to change an area in her life that’s not satisfying her.

This works for everyone. There is some area in your life in which you’re really creative at finding solutions. It may be in dealing with your boss or children, or it may be in getting things done when you really don’t want to do them. Whatever it is, you can almost always find a way to apply it to a personal growth area.

Creativity exists. We’re all creative, in different ways. Once we acknowledge that as a given, we can start looking for the ways in which we are creative – the ways we use our creativity. And once we identify how we already handle things with creative solutions, we can apply those solutions to our personal goals.

Start using your natural creativity to reach your personal goals and grow into the person you want to be.

Thanks to Energies of Creation for including this post in the Carnival of Creative Growth, and to The Next 45 Years for featuring this in the Personal Development Carnival.

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