When Family Comes First

It is incredibly difficult trying to balance a career, family, exercise, and personal enjoyment all at the same time. It can become a real juggling

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How to Finance Death

From my guest post How to Finance Death at Dumb Little Man: “Any unfinished business is a cause of ongoing stress, just thinking of getting

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Are You Living Consciously?

Most of live our whole lives, to some extent, in this half-waking, half-conscious way. More…We know what we’re doing, but we don’t think about it. We don’t stop to consider whether this is the right job for us, whether this friend is dragging us down, whether we need to spend more time on what we really love and enjoy.

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Build a Legacy You Can Be Proud Of

Do you have a real desire for your “fifteen minutes of fame?” Most people would answer this question yes, without thinking about it. Of course we want fame.

But do you really want fame, or do you want a legacy? They’re not exactly the same thing.

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Awareness: How You Live is Who You Are

I’m always amazed at what people say about themselves sometimes, and how that really contrasts with what they do. What’s the quote? Something about what you do speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say.

That sentiment means so much to me, because I know that in spite of wanting to be generous, patient, compassionate, and thoughtful, I am often selfish, impatient, intolerant and closed-minded.

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