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Money means different things to different people. Some see it as a way of keeping score or measuring success. Others view money as simply a means to an end, or a way of ensuring happiness in their children by buying them the best toys, there is also some great gifts for your son or nephew because they also deserve to get some of your love and it is not necessarily a waste of money . In the pursuit of wealth, some have trampled their way to the top. Others seem to have glided there, nearly effortlessly. And its not only about the best toys but more about cool toys, you want to buy something that is popular and cool, like most popular rc helicopter.

In each of these extremes is a greater truth. Wealth magnifies your deeper personality traits. The thoughtful, caring person with access to financial resources will benefit him/herself AND others. But someone who only cares about keeping score will never have enough, regardless of the fortune amassed.

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