Stress, Burnout, and Life Balance

We all know about the physical risks associated with having unhealthy habits, including living with too much stress in our lives. But there are also mental and emotional risks associated with it.

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Do You Have a Strategic Lifestyle Plan?

Every business has, or should have, a strategic plan. It endows the business with the fundamentals from which to exist and grow.

In its simplest form, a strategic plan means realizing an organization’s ultimate goals.

Shouldn’t you have a strategic plan for yourself?

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Shaping a Partnership

My post, The Test of a Good Partner, from May 7th sparked several responses, all of them inquisitive and the majority of them positive.  I

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Outsource Your Life Balance?

I wrote a couple of weeks ago back about personal concierge services and how some have billed themselves as an answer to work-life balance. They’re pitching busy people – business owners, executives, working parents, and stay-at-home mothers – on their services.

Their premise isn’t difficult to relate to. We’re all struggling to maintain a balance between our work, family time, personal time, and hours spent with friends and in the community.

The latest pitch I read really got me thinking, however. The promotional copy suggested that we outsource our time. Apparently this would suggest farming out tasks or projects to others to make time for what we like to do, instead of what we have to do. In our instant-gratification society, this may make sense, but it may prove detrimental in the long run.

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Work-Life Balance and Productivity

Rebel Dad drew my attention to a recent study conducted by researchers at three Ontario universities that found that people whose family commitments impact on their work life are given fewer career-advancing opportunities and have poorer relationships with their superiors.

Unfortunately, in making their assumptions, the authors have misused the term “work-family balance.”

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Virginia Tech – In Our Thoughts

My PDA phone cashed it in the other day and I had to purchase a new one. I’ve spent several hours over the past 3 days getting up to speed and ensuring that all my data has transfered to the new one. I also played around a bit, much to my wife’s amusement, importing some pictures so that when my wife and kids called, I’d see their smiling faces on my phone’s display.

My daughter is a bit finicky about her photos and didn’t like the one that I chose, so I went to her MySpace page to download one that she had posted, reasoning that she’d obviously given it the thumbs up, and here’s what I found instead:

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My Life Balance

Well, it’s snowing here. I find it extremely ironic that the Cleveland Indians are in town playing ball at Miller Park due to the snow storm in Ohio and because our stadium offers the protection from the elements in the form of its retractable – and close-able – roof.

I’m taking advantage of a canceled appointment or two and some snow closings to share with you some photos I snapped a few moments ago, as well as to let you all know that my life balance/ work-life balance/ work family balance doesn’t consist only of work!

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UPDATE: Wireless Devices Blur Lines Between Personal Life and Work Life

According to a survey of office professionals by Yahoo! Hotjobs, the line between our personal time and professional time is being all but erased as more of us use laptops, mobile phones, and smart phones to stay connected.

This observation comes as no surprise to us.

The survey’s data reveal that “75 percent of respondents say that they use their wireless device equally for both work and personal purposes. In fact, only 8 percent report that they are completely offline when away from the office and 27 percent admit to being so attached to their wireless device, they only leave it alone when they’re sleeping.”

While we can all agree that technology is a wonderful thing, our never-ending tightrope walk is to make use of this technology without becoming a slave to it.

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