My Life Balance

 Here are some recent pictures I snapped while taking advantage of a couple canceled appointments and some snow closings.  The point here is to share with you that my life balance/work-life balance/ work family balance doesn’t consist only of work!

Well, it’s snowing here. I find it extremely ironic that the Cleveland Indians are in town playing ball at Miller Park due to the snow storm in Ohio and because our stadium offers the protection from the elements in the form of its retractable – and close-able – roof.

I’m taking advantage of a canceled appointment or two and some snow closings to share with you some photos I snapped a few moments ago, as well as to let you all know that my life balance/ work-life balance/ work family balance doesn’t consist only of work!

I hope you enjoy the photos. Click on each one to enlarge it.

View out my back door at 1300 hours Central time.

View out my front door at 1300 hours Central time.

From left: My wife Vicki, me, my son Andrew, my daughter Adrienne.

Andrew and me after a Cornell Big Red football game at Schoellkopf Field.

Adrienne with one of the poochies.

Clockwise from left: Kathi, one of our ‘family’ from Germany, Adrienne, and Andrew.

Enjoying our passion for sailing. Andrew 2nd from left, Adrienne 3rd from left.

Adrienne on the water.

Our boys, Kobe left, Bear right, warming up in front of the fire after a romp in today’s new snow.

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