Virginia Tech – In Our Thoughts

In search of a picture of my daughter, on her MySpace page for my new PDA, I find a Virginia Tech ribbon image instead. The details are unfolding of yesterday’s events and they don’t provide any comfort, just know that you are all in our thoughts.

My PDA phone cashed it in the other day and I had to purchase a new one. I’ve spent several hours over the past 3 days getting up to speed and ensuring that all my data has transfered to the new one. I also played around a bit, much to my wife’s amusement, importing some pictures so that when my wife and kids called, I’d see their smiling faces on my phone’s display.

My daughter is a bit finicky about her photos and didn’t like the one that I chose, so I went to her MySpace page to download one that she had posted, reasoning that she’d obviously given it the thumbs up, and here’s what I found instead:

Thank you for the file, Adrienne (my daughter).

We all continue to be shaken up about what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday , and the details that are unfolding, as things often do, aren’t providing any comfort to us.

Please know that you’re all in our thoughts.

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