From Rejection and Isolation to Connection and Healing

The pain of rejection and social isolation is real. It’s as real as any other kind of wounding, and just as damaging. Our hearts get broken, our feelings get hurt, we feel emotional pain—we use such terms to describe something that is not visible, not tangible, yet this poetic language describes phenomenon that can be explained scientifically as well.

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Adoptees On Podcast with Host Haley Radke

Today author David B. Bohl, an independent addiction consultant and licensed clinical substance abuse counselor, is here to share his story with us. David and I discuss his experiences of alcohol addiction and sobriety, how our lives as adoptees are so much more than just our adoption experience, and what is working right now in the recovery field.

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Dr. Chad Interview

    Today’s guest is David Bohl. I’ve always known David as the successful business man and family man with the big house on the lake, boats, cars,

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Report the Good News!

The “war stories” of people with substance-use disorder prove to be some of the most enticing stories, judging how popular they are. They can be

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American Adoption Congress Beacon Newsletter

The American Adoption Congress has featured Parallel Universes:  The Story of Rebirth in their September Newsletter. #addictionrecovery #addictionmedicine #addictionpsychiatry #addiction #alcoholism #mindfulness #substanceusedisorders #psychotherapy #interventions

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Hungry Ghosts

According to one definition, “Defined by a fusion of rage and desire, tormented by unfulfilled cravings and insatiably demanding impossible satisfactions, hungry ghosts are condemned

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