There Are Other Ways

For many people in recovery, there comes a time when it all becomes so… boring. Yup. The meetings, the retreats, the group sessions, the therapy,

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Who is Recovery For?

As an addictions specialist, one of the questions I often ask myself is: WHO is recovery for? It’s for myself as someone who has a

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Are They Better Than You?

There’s an adage in 12-step groups that says “principles before personalities,” and it’s a simple reminder that everyone in recovery should worry about the recovery

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Change is Almost Always Hard

According to two definitions, “dislocation” can mean “disturbance from a proper, original, or usual place or state” or “injury or disability caused when the normal

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The Pain of Renewal

Maybe it’s the promise of a warmer weather, my first foray to my happy place this spring (my lake retreat), or just a general feeling

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Not Feeling It

You know what? Sometimes I’m just not. Feeling. It. Sometimes, I get tired and bored with talking about trauma and recovery, and I feel very

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