I’m sure you’ve been bombarded by all kinds of information given the world that we live in right now. Whether on the news or social media, you see all kinds of upsetting and uplifting things often presented as facts or studies that are aimed at making you understand more about what is going on in the world. But the truth is nobody really seems to know exactly. For some it’s hard not to buy into conspiracy theories when everything seems so shaky, and for others it’s hard not to dismiss those conspiracy theories as completely ludicrous and dangerous. Bottom line is that it’s hard to trust.

Trust is a powerful belief that allows us to feel safe in unsafe situations. We need trust in all aspects of life—in our interpersonal relationships, in our professional life, and we need to have it with ourselves too. We also want to be able to trust the government and media, especially when there’s a situation of crisis. At the same time, how do you trust two entities that have proven to be wrong or shady so many times? Yet, it is exhausting having to always verify all the facts, having to constantly research for yourself to make sure what you’re consuming is the truth. So many of us feel this fatigue of over-information these days and it looks like the end is nowhere in sight.

I think the best way to navigate the world these days is to try to trust our realities. Staying solidly rooted in here and now will allow you to make your anxiety over the future smaller, less daunting. Look around you. Where are you? What is important now? Can you attend to what is important now? Whether that’s your loved one, a work assignment, a social engagement, or taking some time to self-care, focusing on what’s next on your own agenda is perhaps more productive than worrying about the scary world out there. I’m not suggesting that we completely ignore information and become even more distrustful of media and the government, but I’m saying that if you find yourself getting overwhelmed, staying in the present and with only what absolutely needs to get done, is perhaps the best way to combat stress. You can practice trust by simply being kind to yourself, and being able to rely on yourself. It might not seem like a lot but day by day, you will make yourself stronger by developing this kind of trust.

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I’ve mentioned self-care as it’s one of those terms that we hear a lot but are not always sure what it means. To some of us it might seem daunting and the only thing we imagine self-care is in the form of a big bath with rose petals, candles, and music playing. And that might seem overwhelming, although it’s a very nice example of self-care. Like everything else, self-care can be simple, easy and not requiring any massive effort. It can be reading a book or going for a walk or watching a tv show. Small, simple steps. And then when anxiety hits, you will know what to do because you will have tools in place that will help you deal with feeling overwhelmed. Hopefully, you will develop some trust in the process that will allow you to feel safe as well in the midst of the world going a little nuts around you.



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