Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?
9 Tips for Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW
Tip #8 Practice PEP.

From David B. Bohl, Independent Recovery Management Consultant


Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?

Tip #8: Practice PEP.

In today’s fast-paced, always-on world, everybody is searching for, and selling, instant gratification.

People crave the remarkable: sudden breakthroughs, new schools of thought, completely new ways of doing things, irreverence. We question authority and turn up our noses at outdated conventions.

Realistically, instant gratification doesn’t come around very often – if ever.

Far better to remember the PEP rule of thumb: Patience, Endurance, Persistence.

Consider the work you do – the processes you implement over time.

Success doesn’t come overnight, right? You know this because, like all of us, you’ve fallen for the instant gratification line at least once. Someone comes along and promises that all your problems will be instantly wiped out with a quick credit card or Venmo payment.

The truth is that a quick-fix that inevitably invites more problems down the road. This is the last thing that we want to subject ourselves to.

Change is incremental.  As long as you’re learning and growing, you’re getting bigger. Remember Aesop’s fable, The Tortoise and the Hare?

In the process of change, every step along the way is vital to the next one. If you skip a step, growth will be stunted – and in some cases, it will cease entirely. By failing to experience all phases of change, every subsequent phase will be deficient. Deficiency brings with it a slew of problems – and with that comes wells of unhappiness.

In your quest for happiness and fulfillment, make it a daily habit to practice…

PATIENCE: Forgoing instant gratification in lieu of something greater further down the road.

ENDURANCE: The ability to sustain a prolonged effort or activity.

PERSISTENCE: Continuing despite difficulties, opposition, or discouragement.

In doing so, you are assuring that you will reach your full potential in every way possible.

Slow Down… Fast.

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