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Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?
9 Tips for Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW
Tip #9 Find Your Own Way!

From David B. Bohl, Independent Recovery Management Consultant


Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?

Tip #9: Find your own way and be happy.

Remember when you were just a small child… with a curious mind, an untarnished heart, and boundless energy to explore, learn, think and discover?

When you were child, people with more experience had plenty of advice and words of warning. But you knew that you had to test things out yourself, didn’t you?

If your Dad said, “Don’t touch, it’s hot!” you looked at him — and then you touched. And you got burned – but you knew better for next time.

When you were little, you watched and listened. You tried. You practiced. You put things and people to the test. You said exactly what you meant – and you never hesitated to ask questions.

When you were little, you knew just what you wanted to do and you went for it. And it didn’t matter so much what your sister was up to or what the kid next door was doing.

(Or maybe you were quick to try what they were doing, but you always put your own creative spin on it.)

When was the last time you put your own creative spin on it?

Here and now, reach deep into the storehouse of potential that lives inside you and has been there since you were just a small child. Decide how you want to live your life, what means the most to you… and then DO THAT and live that.

Just go for it!

Stop searching in vain for “the way.” Stop listening to what the so-called experts have to say about “the way you should be doing things.” Instead, get out of your own way, and find your own way.

  • Eliminate old/bad habits
  • Stop sabotaging your success by falling prey to others’ expectations of you
  • Nurture your greatness and creativity instead of stifling and oppressing yourself
  • Find your own path to happiness and fulfillment.

You know what you want and need. You know what you’re passionate about. These things may simply have been obscured or buried by years of neglect.

Explore your options and rekindle your desires. Make sustainable change in your life.

Find your own way to happiness today!

Slow Down… Fast.

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