Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?
9 Tips for Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW.
Tip #1 Slow Down… Fast.

From David B. Bohl, Independent Recovery Management Consultant

Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?

9 Tips for Finding Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW.

Tip #1 Slow Down… Fast.

If you’re like most people, you’ve adjusted your pace to match the frenzy of today’s world. Everything humming along, as life hurtles by. People and plans moving at the speed of digital electronics.

Next time you get that buzzy feeling – as though instead of being fully present and engaged, you’re floating somewhere above all the action…

Just press the PAUSE button and STOP. Catch your breath.

Open your eyes. What do you see?

What’s going on around you? Does it meet your standards or expectations? If you see that something can be improved upon, are you willing to step into that responsibility?

Open your ears. What do you hear?

What warning signals are you picking up? Is someone seeking your help, your assistance, your approval? Does something or someone need your attention and care? What’s the next right thing to do?

Open your mind. What do you think?

Instead of flying through your daily tasks and obligations with blinders on, use your intelligence to help solve a problem. Offer an alternative. Think the situation through. Get something accomplished. Do it better.

When we speed through our days, whether they contain mostly work, mostly people, mostly errands, or a combination of all three, we end up functioning in a counter-intuitive way.

Next time you feel like you’re being swallowed up by the chaos of today’s world, ask yourself:

  • Am I applying my intelligence to the task at hand?
  • Does this situation make sense? If, not, what changes can I make RIGHT NOW?
  • Am I fully engaged in this moment? Are my actions purposeful?
  • If not, what can I do differently?

Remember that there is a huge difference between being effective with great intensity, and rushing through our work, our playtime, or whatever task we’re attending to.

Instead of skimming by on our way to the next thing, let’s make it a point to stop, look and listen. Slow down… fast.

When we concentrate fully with all of our senses and our minds, we end up feeling good about what we accomplished because we threw our entire being into the work. It becomes a labor of love.

This is a secret of people who are truly healthy and happy.


Slow Down… Fast.

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