Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?
9 Tips for Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW
Tip #3 Lose the Baggage.

From David B. Bohl, Independent Recovery Management Consultant


Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?

9 Tips for Finding Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW.

Tip #3: Lose the Baggage.

If you’re like most people, your life is probably pretty full right now. Full of appointments, full of plans, full of activity, and full of obligations. A line from the Harry Chapin song, “Cat’s in the Cradle” comes to mind:

“There were planes to catch… and bills to pay. He learned to walk while I was away.”

(And we thought we were busy and had no time for family before??)

These days, your cup spilleth over… but is that a good thing?

It’s not so good when you look at the number of people seeking therapy or turning to alcohol and drugs (doctor- or self-prescribed) as means of quieting their worried and unsettled minds.

How is it that we keep on barreling through life, overbooked and overburdened… running ourselves into the ground?

Think about this: as a species we’ve spread out over the planet, yet our world has shrunk considerably. And it’s all because of technology.

Technology puts friends and acquaintances within easy and instant reach. No matter where we are, we can easily connect with just about anyone… from people who we just met last week, to those we have known our whole lives, and everyone in between.

The more people we know and maintain contact with, the busier we get. Our schedules go from packed to brimming to overflowing. No matter where we run, there’s someplace else we’ve got to be. And that’s simply not healthy.

Often, the people who we thought would bring us the greatest pleasure and present the most opportunities end up being more work than they’re worth!

Today’s tip for finding health and happiness involves cutting out the extraneous.

  • Get a pen and paper and make a master list of the people, places, and activities that occupy the majority of your time.
  • Now get a fresh sheet of paper and write down ONLY the people whose company you truly value, the activities that you really enjoy, and the places where you genuinely look forward to being.
  • Make it a goal to trim down your master list, so that it eventually looks like what’s on the second sheet of paper – the things you truly cherish.

Lose the extra baggage in your life. Slowly reduce the amount of time you devote to people, places, and activities that don’t serve you anymore.

It’s not something that’s fixed overnight. But once you recognize what parts of your life hold real value for you, you can begin to set new priorities that are more in line with who you really are.

Life will take on a more easy, pleasurable, less burdensome tone. Your world will become a happier place.


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