Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?
9 Tips for Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW
Tip #2 Stop – Think – Get Your Bearings.

From David B. Bohl, Independent Recovery Management Consultant

Ready for a Healthier, Happier life in 2024?

9 Tips for Finding Manifesting Health and Happiness – starting RIGHT NOW.

Tip #2: Stop – Think – Get Your Bearings.

How many times have you put all your hope and faith into one person, place, or situation… only to find out later that it wasn’t what you wanted after all?

How many times have you thought… “I’d be so much happier if only I could… (land that high paying job, get married, move to a new city, win the lottery, get healthy once and for all).”

And then how many times have you gotten your wish, whatever it was at the time… only to jump ahead and begin dreaming of something entirely different?

Sometimes, we aren’t always the best at knowing what’s good for us – what we need, what would make us thrive on the inside.

And sometimes, we waste too much of today, lamenting or longing for yesterday… or fantasizing about a better, brighter, richer and sweeter tomorrow.

The problem is not where we’ve come from or where we are headed – but the place where we are RIGHT NOW.

Where are you right NOW?

Now, in the immediate moment. Now, today. Now, in the current phase of your life.

Next time you find yourself dwelling in the past or impatiently pushing ahead to the future… just stop and consider the NOW.

Get your bearings.

What’s going on at this very second, that you can truly appreciate?

Or, if it’s something you don’t care for, what action can you take RIGHT NOW to make a difference? Something you can look back on and say, “Thank goodness I did something about that!”

Drink in the moment and savor the nourishment it brings to your being. Health and Happiness have everything to do with being fully present in the now.


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