My Life Balance

Well, it’s snowing here. I find it extremely ironic that the Cleveland Indians are in town playing ball at Miller Park due to the snow storm in Ohio and because our stadium offers the protection from the elements in the form of its retractable – and close-able – roof.

I’m taking advantage of a canceled appointment or two and some snow closings to share with you some photos I snapped a few moments ago, as well as to let you all know that my life balance/ work-life balance/ work family balance doesn’t consist only of work!

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Blogging for Change

Looking to land that new job or brand your company? Get blogging.

That’s Debbie Weil’s advice. You’ll find her over at BlogWrite for CEOs She was quoted in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal in an article titled “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.”

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VAs (Virtual Assistants) Offer Work-Life Balance Assistance

Check out Gillian Hood-Gabrielson’s Fit for Business blog. Gillian features a Q & A with Sharon Williams, Chairperson of the Alliance for Virtual Businesses.

Ms. Williams supports what I’ve discussed with some of you when it comes to work-life balance:

“A benefit I haven’t covered is the ability to improve work/life balance. By hiring a VA, clients can systemize the business and automate its processes.

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Work-Life Considerations for Job Seekers

Work-life balance ranks high on our lists of deciding factors when looking for companies to work for.

What should you look for in a company when Work-Life Balance is at or near the top of your list?

Determine if work-life balance is supported by attitudes and corporate culture at all levels of the organization or is simply a Human Resources department directive.

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