Living Without Limits

When we are young, we are invincible. There is nothing we cannot accomplish – no mountain too high to climb, no weight too heavy to bear. We believe we can do anything. If you do not believe it, go right now and try to give your teenager some words of wisdom and you will see exactly what I mean. However, there are serious risks for obese people, as stated by

istock_000005882617xsmall.jpgSo when do we lose our invincibility? What happens to us over time that causes us to put limits on what we believe is possible? Most likely, someone along the way told us we were not good enough for them – that we did not have the skills, the brains, or the looks they wanted. We learned to judge ourselves, and came up wanting.

In your quest for personal growth, it is important to recognize that most of the limits we face in our lives are self-imposed. Free up your mind, and you will free your spirit, allowing you to accomplish things you may have always thought impossible.

There are a few important keys to limitless living, and it takes practice. You are not going to be able to overcome years of negative energy all at once. It will take conscious thought to release your subconscious from its bonds, but it can be done. Keep these things in mind as you pursue your own goals that lead you towards happiness and fulfillment:

1. Live by the Golden Rule

Whether you want to call it the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments, or anything else you are comfortable with that conveys the same meaning, live by it every day of your life.

Treat others well, respect your neighbor, be faithful to your spouse, and do not envy what your neighbor has. Be happy with your own goals, your own possessions, and your own achievements. Once you can master this rule, you will find greater inner-peace and fulfillment.

2. Love Yourself First

Know that you are unique, special, talented, and important. Find a way to put your unique talents to work for you. Do what makes your heart sing and your spirit soar. Know that you are worthy, and be proud of what you do. You may not be able to sing like Mariah Carey, but who cares. If it makes you happy, sing until your lungs hurt. Fulfill yourself, excel where you can, and know your life has value.

Many counselors say you cannot truly love another person until you love yourself. This may hold more truth than we know. Unless you are content with who you are, until you love yourself, your personal relationships may not be healthy ones. You may be deriving your own sense of self-worth from the person you are with, making it a parasitic relationship rather than a symbiotic one. Find your satisfaction in who you are, and learn to love it.

3. Love Like You Have Never Had Your Heart Broken

This applies to more than personal relationships. You can apply this to your career, to your hobbies, or any other area of your life where you may have run into adversity. Once you have had your heart broken you will try to protect yourself. This prevents you from experiencing the entire joy of a situation.

When you suffer a loss or a let-down, grieve for it. Allow yourself to feel its pain. Then move on. Try not to let the disappointments of the past shadow your enjoyment of the present. Live in the moment, love it, and know you will be okay if things do not work out the way you would like them to. Do not let fear hamstring you.

In your pursuits for happiness, for self-fulfillment, and for success, do not limit yourself with the words, “I can’t.” Remove those words from your vocabulary – for good. Replace them with positive, powerful affirmations such as, “I can,” and “I will.” The energy you create in your life, through your thoughts and your actions, will determine the direction your life takes. Rather than sending yourself down the path to disappointment and despair, choose – consciously – to send it down the road to joy and happiness. You can do it…all you have to do is believe in yourself.

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