Seek Out New Relationships

From my article Why You Should Seek Out New Relationships at The Positivity Blog:

istock_000005449211xsmall.jpg“We tend to become very comfortable within our own social networks. We get to know people, feel comfortable with them, and generally share the same views and ideas as them. This can be a social network of friends, or a group of colleagues at work. We tend to gravitate towards those people who are similar to us in beliefs and personalities.

It is beneficial, though, to push yourself outside your comfort zone and become involved with people who hold beliefs different from our own. Expanding your horizons is one of the greatest ways to achieve success, for you will make better decisions when you have a broader perspective.

It can be uncomfortable, though. There are many reasons why you may not seek out new relationships in your life, and just as many reasons why you should. They are:”

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