Free Teleseminar Reveals Secrets to a More Fulfilling, Joyful and Stress-Free Life

I will present present Slow Down FAST – 5 Secrets to Success: How to Begin Living YOUR Life YOUR Way in a groundbreaking FREE teleseminar event on Tuesday evening, September 11th.

According to a recent study of 1,148 adults nearly two thirds of parents say they don’t spend enough time with their children, while half say they must make their job a top priority – even if it affects their family life.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

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New eBook by Recovered Workaholic Helps People Reclaim the Perfect Balance Between Work and Family and Re-Capture Lost Feelings of Inner Happiness

David B. Bohl used to work 100 hours a week. His family took a backseat to his fast-moving, high-paying career, and he eventually paid the price in the form of exhaustion, stress and a non-existent family life. Bohl has since recovered from this work fanatic, pressure cooker life and has done a complete 180. He now focuses completely on his values, beliefs and ideals, and as a result enjoys total life balance between work and family, and coaches people on how to do the same.

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Structured Procrastination

The definition of “Structured Procrastination,” as told by John Perry the Professor of Philosophy at Stanford, is: shape the structure of tasks in a way

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Loving What You Do

Lifehack has a post from The Ririan Project titled “10 Golden Lessons From Steve Jobs” and his lessons on being successful. Here’s one of my

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Work-Life Considerations for Job Seekers

Work-life balance ranks high on our lists of deciding factors when looking for companies to work for.

What should you look for in a company when Work-Life Balance is at or near the top of your list?

Determine if work-life balance is supported by attitudes and corporate culture at all levels of the organization or is simply a Human Resources department directive.

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Work-Life Synergy?

I came across an interesting report written recently by Lori Herz and Arnie Herz over at Legal Sanity titled “BEYOND BALANCE: How to Cultivate Work-Life Synergy in the Law.”

The report is written about the legal profession, but please feel free to insert your chosen profession where you read the words ‘law’, lawyer’, and/or ‘legal.’ I believe their observations ring true for many of us.

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I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Some of you have noticed that I have posted a book on My Reading List on my Squidoo page Who is David B. Bohl? titled “I Don’t Want To Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” by Terrence Real. When I say “noticed”, I mean you’ve wondered to me what that’s all about.

It is true – Dr. Real’s book is about men and depression. But it is so much more. I think the book jacket does a great job when it states: “I Don’t Want To Talk About It offers great wisdom, hope, and practical guidance to men and their families. This is one of the most important and straightforward books ever written about men.”

What I get most from Terrence Real’s book is a person who understands me. If you’ll indulge me for a moment, I’ll explain.

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Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs

The Winter 2007 edition of Business Week magazine’s Small Business edition features women who have fled flourishing corporate careers to pursue opportunities as entrepreneurs.

This Time It’s Mine: Why high-powered women are leaving Corporate America to become entrepreneurs profiles 18 corporate women and draws a picture for us of them “then and now.”

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Daily Conventions for Life Balance

One of the things I learned some time ago was that to achieve balance, I need to take action.

Toward that end, I set up a simple system of daily conventions: some simple habits and routines to practice every day to help me achieve the goals that I had prioritized.

One thing that I do every day is to phone a friend.

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