Is Blogging on the Beach a Violation of Work-Life Balance?

That’s what Susie Wee asks over at her HP Research, Technology, & Teamwork blog.

You see, Susie is conflicted – she’s laying on a beach in sunny Hawaii, blogging away, and feeling a little bit guilty that she’s not able to “sit back, relax, and reflect.”

Susie feels that she may be rationalizing things

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Work-Life Balance Distractions “Bill Of Rights”

I came across this E-tool Bill of Rights at and wanted to share it with you:

Article 1: There shall be no assumption of unlimited e-access simply because the tools allow it. Excessive messaging shall be considered electronic littering.

Article 2: The right of the people to be secure from unwarranted electronic work intrusions at home shall not be violated. Nights and weekends shall be considered unplugged zones.

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Work-Life Balance? Not Bloody Likely!

Tom Peters, management ‘guru’ and author of In Search of Excellence has this message for us:

“Life-work balance is pretty much an illusion if you want to make an impact in today’s economy.”

Speaking on a panel at a Leadership Forum at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut, Peters pointed out that executives at General Electric “arrive at the office every day at 6:15 a.m.”

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Work-Life Balance Considerations Critical to Executives

According to a recent survey of worldwide senior executives conducted by the Association of Executive Search Consultants, “87 percent felt that work-life balance considerations were critical in their decision whether to join, or remain with, an employer.”

Aileen Taylor, AESC member and Managing Director of Eric Salmon & Partners Limited, observed: “For the first time in twenty plus years in the personal care market place, I am seeing candidates prepared to down-size both their salaries and their prospects within large organizations in favor of quality of life.”

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Blogging for Change

Looking to land that new job or brand your company? Get blogging.

That’s Debbie Weil’s advice. You’ll find her over at BlogWrite for CEOs She was quoted in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal in an article titled “How Blogging Can Help You Get a New Job.”

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VAs (Virtual Assistants) Offer Work-Life Balance Assistance

Check out Gillian Hood-Gabrielson’s Fit for Business blog. Gillian features a Q & A with Sharon Williams, Chairperson of the Alliance for Virtual Businesses.

Ms. Williams supports what I’ve discussed with some of you when it comes to work-life balance:

“A benefit I haven’t covered is the ability to improve work/life balance. By hiring a VA, clients can systemize the business and automate its processes.

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Work-Life Synergy?

I came across an interesting report written recently by Lori Herz and Arnie Herz over at Legal Sanity titled “BEYOND BALANCE: How to Cultivate Work-Life Synergy in the Law.”

The report is written about the legal profession, but please feel free to insert your chosen profession where you read the words ‘law’, lawyer’, and/or ‘legal.’ I believe their observations ring true for many of us.

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Do Corporations Really Support Work-Life Balance?

The Work-Life discussion rages hot-and-heavy. From National associations to corporate HR departments to non-profit organizations to think tanks to university work-life centers and foundations – everyone is getting involved in advancing the work-life debate.

But are all interested in achieving the true goal of work-life balance? That is,are all parties dedicated to, as the Third Path Institute rightly defines it, “assisting individuals, families, and organizations in finding new ways to redesign work to create more time for family, community and other life passions?”

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UPDATE: Wireless Devices Blur Lines Between Personal Life and Work Life

According to a survey of office professionals by Yahoo! Hotjobs, the line between our personal time and professional time is being all but erased as more of us use laptops, mobile phones, and smart phones to stay connected.

This observation comes as no surprise to us.

The survey’s data reveal that “75 percent of respondents say that they use their wireless device equally for both work and personal purposes. In fact, only 8 percent report that they are completely offline when away from the office and 27 percent admit to being so attached to their wireless device, they only leave it alone when they’re sleeping.”

While we can all agree that technology is a wonderful thing, our never-ending tightrope walk is to make use of this technology without becoming a slave to it.

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PDAs and Private Time

Separation of work life from our home and personal lives is becoming harder and harder. We are constantly being interrupted by ringing cell phones and PDAs beeping with new email messages waiting for our attention.

When we think we’ve escaped the microscope of our working lives, the lights are tuned up brightly and the wonders of technology pull us back – they often divert our attention from achieving what’s most important to us.

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Work-Life Balance: “One of Most Significant Struggles Faced By Modern Man”

Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People and co-founder of the FranklinCovey Company, had this to say in his recent column Work-Life Balance: A Different Cut in “The challenge of work-life balance is without question one of the most significant struggles faced by modern man. I’ve surveyed thousands of audiences about their greatest personal and professional challenges. Life balance is always at or near the top.”

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Discovering Your Passion and Calling

Evan Carmichael wrote in a recent Youngentrepreneur blog post titled “How To Find Your Calling” and posed the following question: “So how do you find your calling and get into something you stick with?”

Evan referenced a Fast Company article that suggested three steps:

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Work-Life Balance for Empty Nesters

My wife and I became empty-nesters last August when our youngest went off to college, and we’ve been adjusting our balance ever since.

Not being one to always want to have to reinvent the wheel, I asked several friends who had been through this chapter in their lives to share with me what it was like for them and what they had learned. Although the range of experiences was huge, I did garner two consensus opinions: First, that things were strange for a while. Second, that it was a wonderful time for all.

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March Madness and Work-Life Balance

There’s something about this time of the year that make things very intense, and I don’t mean the wonderful excitement surrounding the NCAA’s college basketball tournament.

Is is just me, or does it seem that most everyone is stretched at this time of the year? Maybe it has something to do with tax time for individuals and businesses.

Possibly it concerns the sheer number of conventions and trade shows that occur between now and the middle of May. Maybe it’s related to the earlier daylight savings time change, spring breaks, the upcoming Easter holiday, and spring fever in general. Maybe it’s simply a cycle of the year in the world in which I operate.

I think the bigger concern we all have is that, because the world now operates at the speed of technology, is that the access we now enjoy to the outside world means that we’re within easy reach of those who wish to contact us no matter where we are and what we’re doing.

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What do you want to do?

I came across a post today that I had read a few months ago on Michelle Medley’s blog at Motto Magazine.

In her post, Ms. Medley shares her thoughts on the classic 1938 Oscar-winning film “You Can’t Take it With You” staring Lionel Barrymore.

There’s a scene in the movie where Barrymore walks into a bustling office, and, intrigued by a worker repeatedly pulling the arm of an adding machine, asks him what he’s doing.

The worker replies that he’s doing his job.

Barrymore asks if he likes what he’s doing.

The worker simply replies “no.”

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