PDAs and Private Time

It’s becoming more and more challenging to keep personal life and work life separate.  Thanks to technology and things like PDAs and cell phones were are constantly being distracted by their ringing informing us of new messages needing our attention. Being constantly “on” is something we all battle with.  It’s an inner war we face probably daily – should I turn off my PDA or phone? What if I didn’t leave a contact number at work for the hotel I’m at? The list goes on and on.  If you are looking for some tips to help you escape the constantly “on” dilemma read my article how to win the balance battle or 7 ways you can start balancing your life.

Separation of work life from our home and personal lives is becoming harder and harder. We are constantly being interrupted by ringing cell phones and PDAs beeping with new email messages waiting for our attention.

When we think we’ve escaped the microscope of our working lives, the lights are tuned up brightly and the wonders of technology pull us back – they often divert our attention from achieving what’s most important to us.As you head into the weekend, have a look at this post in WSJ.com’s The Juggle. It comes from a gent vacationing in Disney World struggling with the decision to turn off his Blackberry for the week to give his undivided attention and presence to his family at the cost of dealing with a couple of thousand emails when he returns to work the following week vs. taking time away from his family on vacation to keep up with work.

In this 24/7/365 world, we all battle with this dilemma of having to be constantly “on”, making ourselves always available to others. We fear that if we’re not willing to allow this access, someone else will.

If we turn off our PDAs, we feel anxious and guilty. We wonder: Did I leave a contact number of the hotel with somebody at work?

  • If I call the office, will I ever get off the phone? If I do, will I have a to-do list a mile long?
  • What if something happens when I’m out of touch?
  • Will someone else gain some new business that I ordinarily would have obtained while I’m out of touch?
  • Will someone else catch the boss’s eye while I’m taking vacation time?
  • Will my job be safe when I return if I put my family before my job?

The lists goes on and on in our minds, especially when we’re lying in bed at night.

Want some ideas on how to deal with this? Read my articles How to Win the Balance Battle and 7 Ways You Can Start Balancing Your Life.

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