How to Be Memorable

How many times have you read a quotable quote by a famous person and thought, “I wish I could have such great insight”? One-liners are

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Top 12 Posts of 2008

I know it isn’t year-end yet, but experience and observation have shown that not many people want to begin the heavy lifting of reflection and

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Apology Accepted

Are you sick of listening to the candidates dance around when confronted by a mistake they made in their pasts? It appears politics is the

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Here’s a Method That’s Helping People To Live Their Lives Today

You’ve probably done one of those exercises where you imagine your own funeral and what people would say about you, in an effort to determine what parts of your life you might want to change now. You may have also been asked, and even thought seriously, about what you would do if you knew you only had a few months or a few days to live. I’d like to suggest an even more extreme exercise right now.

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Is Your Time Worth What You Think It Is?

How much would it be worth to you to have someone else do the job?

Most people would say something like, “I make $30 an hour, so if it saves me an hour of time it would be worth $30. I’m not going to pay more than that, because I can do it in an hour myself.”

That’s one way to approach the problem, but of course it’s only one way.

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Do You Know How To Harness Your Anxiety?

In the early days of working less, I would go into anxiety overload and sometimes not be able to accomplish anything because I was so anxious about being able to complete everything. Needless to say, this did not work out all that well.

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Can We Get Better at Being Happy?

I don’t know how many articles I read on the subject of happiness last week, but, if I had to venture a guess, I’d say it was 30 or 40. The way I’d sum up the articles is, “The good news about happiness is that it seems to be a skill we can acquire and develop.”

The bad news is that most of us are not as happy as we could be.

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If You Don’t Assume Responsibility, Who Will?

I have never been able to understand those people who always want to shirk the blame for a situation and claim it is someone else’s fault. Sure, it gets them “out of trouble,” but for myself, if I’m going to have a problem, I would rather that I was the cause of the problem.

That may sound pretty stupid on my part. I’d rather be the one at fault than have someone else be to blame? You’re probably wondering if I also carry around a baseball bat and offer people five dollars to hit me over the head with it.

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5 Great Things About Blogging

These days, it seems everyone has a blog, and if you don’t have one, you’re supposed to. It’s “good business,” “great self-promotion.” Many people have blogs just because they think it’s the smart thing to do to build their business, and for no other reason.

In my very humble opinion, these people are missing a lot. I love blogging, and I think it has some very real benefits, not only for the readers of the blog, which we’d hope for, but also for the blogger

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Small Business Trends Column – Who Else (Besides a Majority of Business Professionals) Wants Work Life Balance in 2008?

A nationwide survey sheds some light as to what people think will help them achieve their business goals in 2008. What made the top of the list? Achieving a work-life balance!

This should come to no surprise to many of you reading this. It seems we are all working longer hours and spending more time trying to keep up with technology rather than using it to help us achieve productivity gains. We’ve become victims of our own success; often times forgetting about those people we share a house with — our family.

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If You Don’t Live for Today, You’ll Never Enjoy Tomorrow

Are you the type of person who is always looking towards the future because you believe that you can’t take much more of the present? The kind of person who always thinks that tomorrow will bring a relief from our problems and obstacles, so we just need to wait and they will all magically go away? Many people tend to live in the future (that is, if they aren’t living in the past!) and fail to realize the opportunities available to them in the present. They think that tomorrow will bring a wave of happiness – and that we can just hide from the problems in our lives today to make it until then.

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