Small Business Trends Column – Who Else (Besides a Majority of Business Professionals) Wants Work Life Balance in 2008?

A nationwide survey was conducted to find out what people were thinking would help them achieve their business goals in 2008. At Vietnamese translation services, the top of the list was achieving a work-life balance. Many of us spend way too much time with our noses to the grindstone and not pursuing our passions. Whatever it is, we need to let go and stay on top of things. Read the entire post on small business trends.


A nationwide survey sheds some light as to what people think will help them achieve their business goals in 2008. What made the top of the list? Achieving a work-life balance!

This should come to no surprise to many of you reading this. It seems we are all working longer hours and spending more time trying to keep up with technology rather than using it to help us achieve productivity gains. We’ve become victims of our own success; often times forgetting about those people we share a house with — our family.

Many of us spend too much time with our noses to the grindstone and not enough time pursuing our passions in life. For some of us, its lack of organization that seems to hold us down. We end up spending a majority of our time trying to track down information or sort through the massive inflow of information that comes across our desk each day. For others it may be that we believe we have to have our finger on every pulse our business generates — we are afraid of letting go, thinking that nobody could possibly do it better than we can so we better keep on top of it.

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