Warning Signs: How to Know if it’s Time to Escape Your Life

exit.jpgLife is often a whirlwind of activity. Your work obligations, social life, and family activities often pile up, leaving you feeling buried beneath a never-ending list of to-do’s.

Left unchecked, this sense of being overwhelmed can run rampant and cause mental, emotional, and physical damage. Take a look at the following clues to determine whether it’s time to take a break from your busyness and escape your life while you still can.

Daily stressors usually take their first toll on your mental well-being. The reprimand at work, the parents’ meeting at school, and the leaky faucet whose “drip, drip, drip” is a constant reminder of the honey-do list you shoved in the bottom of your desk drawer may seem like small potatoes at first, but these simple nuisances can build up to become a monster like finding yourself trying to stop a basement flood with rags and tape. Must be prepared for such issues.

When the pressures of mundane tasks affect you mentally, you may find yourself consumed by negative thoughts, worries, and anxieties. If you spend more time dwelling on the glass being half empty rather than half full, it may be time to plan your escape route.

Your emotional well-being is also a good indicator of whether or not the force of life’s hardships is becoming too difficult to handle. When you feel like Atlas, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, your emotions may begin to buckle under the pressure. Although different individuals will react in different ways, some drifting into a depression while others are flying off the handle at the drop of a hat, high emotional sensitivity is a good clue to knowing when enough is enough.

The last stop en route to a complete breakdown is when stress starts manifesting itself physically. That headache you managed to ignore by popping a few painkillers should probably tip you off to the fact that there’s something more serious going on, especially if it’s the third headache you’ve had this week.

Your body is a strong, resilient organism, but it has its limits. The last thing you want to do is to literally make yourself sick from worry, so do your best to prevent your troubles from making it to this stage. If it’s too late and you’ve already come down with physical symptoms, seriously consider how you can simplify your life to prevent this from happening again. And, by all means, get some rest!

All of the above clues require an understanding of your personality and a baseline judgment, so to speak, of your typical mental, emotional, and physical states. You have to stay in touch with your mind, your emotions, and your body in order to know when things aren’t as they should be. Then, when you let things get out of hand, you can make the fastest and most effective decisions regarding how to get back on track.

Escaping your life may involve a drastic change, such as changing careers, relocating, or cutting loose cancerous relationships. On the other hand, your escape may not require such radical decisions. Taking a vacation, treating yourself to a dinner out, or relaxing in front of the television for an evening are all simple yet effective ways to flee from your troubles.

Whatever the case may be, if you need to make a dramatic life change or can amend the situation with a few small deeds, take caution to see the signs that you are becoming overwhelmed before they are able to take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical states.

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