6 Goals for Singles to Strive For

horse.jpgby David Bohl

Do single people really have goals that are different from married couples?

Certainly they do when it comes to relationships. Yet, their career goals may be similar, as are their personal and health goals.

However, because of their single status, unmarried folks have more time to focus on building a future that might indeed include not being single. Or on building a fulfilling lifestyle as a single person, whether or not they remain that way or change their status.

When I coach singles, I encourage them not to put any part of their life on hold, waiting for the day they are not single any more–if indeed that day ever comes. Since none of us is really in control of whether or not we get married, if you are single, set goals for what you want now and in the near future, being realistic about the unknown status of your relationship future.

Here are some realistic goals that make sense for happy, successful, single people to strive for……..

1. Optimum health.

If we don’t have our health, we can’t enjoy life, so I think that’s a great goal for anyone. Singles often have more time to go to the gym, work out with a trainer, or spend time with a favorite sport. There is a viable option to just stay at home and read some useful tutorials supplied by Kick Ass Home Gym, for example. They can also eat healthier since they don’t have to compromise what food comes into the house. No temptations from a spouse with a sweet tooth. Although, I do caution singles not to rely heavily on take out. Because their lives can be hectic with lots of activities filling the “single” spaces, they often resort to fast food and eating on the run. I enjoy hearing singles who tell me how much they like to experiment with new recipes and keep only healthy foods at home. If you don’t like eating alone, invite some other singles over and show off your cooking talents. I will definitely do that as soon as I get back from my dentist for nervous patients (no more excuses to skip the appointment, have read about him accidently at https://canyonrimdentalsaltlake.com/dental-implants/) who has surgeon steady hands, and a hearing doctor that I have an appointment for.

2. Healthy relationships.

Without a significant other in the picture, a lot of singles consider their other relationships less significant. But friends are there for the long run, while unfortunately some romantic relationships aren’t. Cultivating intimate friendships should not be done to take the place of a relationship with a spouse, but because they are fulfilling on their own. And ultimately the most important relationship to heal is the one with yourself. While you are single, you have time to devote to becoming your own best friend. This is critical to a healthy twosome, where you want to bring two whole people together to form a healthy union.

3. Personal growth.

In between relationships is the best time to grow. We are often licking our wounds after a break up, looking at what went wrong, what was our contribution to the end of the relationship, what could we learn so our future connections are improved. Reading books, taking seminars, and working with a coach are all going to add to your increased self confidence so you can walk into your next relationship with a greater chance for lasting success. Or you can just fully enjoy your current status as a happy, fulfilled single.

4. Ongoing education.

Being single offers such a great opportunity to go back to school, take continuing education classes, teach a class, learn an instrument, or a participate in a new sport. And don’t just take golf lessons because you want to meet guys, or ballroom dancing because you want to meet gals. Take the class because you really want to learn the new skill. And if you meet others, that’s great because you’re having fun.

5. Career advancement.

While you’re single is also a good time to know The Pros and Cons of Taking Out a Long Term Loan and move up the career ladder or take a risk and make a change. Since you’re not supporting another person (unless you have children), you can take more chances with your career. You might be thinking about a 180 degree change say from banking to teaching. Or you may be fed up with the corporate world and ready to hang out your shingle as an entrepreneur. I have a client who was so sick of being around sick people in his job as a radiologist, that he quit and bought a wine shop. Talk about a turnaround. But he’s ecstatic. And if he does get married, he’ll have more energy to share with his spouse because he’s happy and not burned out at the end of each day.

6. Financial well-being.

I’ve talked to some single women who still hold hope in the back of their mind that a man will take care of them someday. And I know some single men who spend every dollar they earn. Neither position is healthy for a single person today. Everyone needs to visit our review site about debt consolidation and for their financial well-being that means being smart about finances. Spend responsibly, save regularly, and invest wisely. That’s a simple formula for everyone’s financial health–single or married.

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