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Unraveling Adoption Podcast: Helping Adoptees Heal from Addiction’s Grasp

I was the guest on the latest episode of the podcast Unraveling Adoption, an intentional space to delve into adoption’s complexities together. In this 25-minute program I share about how my relinquishment and adoption intersect with my struggle with addiction. I hope my story will give people hope and practical tools for their own (or their loved one’s) recovery. The podcast’s host, Beth Syverson, is an adoptive mom to a 20yo son Joey, both of whom have had their own struggles with addiction. We know this conversation will resonate with anyone touched by adoption and/or addiction, and we want this conversation to help enlighten the general public too!

You can find my episode of Unraveling Adoption on your favorite podcast app or at this link:

Please share my episode with any other friends or family members you know who might resonate with this conversation.

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