Technology is Your Friend: Now How to Manage it All?

Technology can seem like your best friend or your worst enemy. The truth is that technology is always your friend–you just have to know how to manage it. By taking control of the technological tools available to you, you can streamline your life, effectively manage your time, and essentially get your life back. This article provides some of the technology tools you can use and the ways you can manage the technology in your life better.

All-in-one systems

There are several all-in-one technology systems to help to streamline and organize your life. For example, many cell phones now have multiple features such as calendars, contact systems, email, notes and more. Imagine all this functionality, packed into a little device that fits in your purse or pocket. The drawback of an all-in-one system is that if something happens to the device then all of your information goes with it, right? Not exactly. Sync this device with your computer and create an automatic backup file that will protect your precious data.

Taking it one step further, you can also sync this with your email system (Outlook, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc.). Most email systems have a calendar, notes section, and contact system, which creates an additional backup of all your information. This prevents you from having to double-enter information like email addresses and appointments, and provides anytime, anywhere access from any computer or mobile device.

Let’s use Mary as an all-in-one device user example…..

Mary is an advertising road warrior, traveling from client location to client location. Mary uses her iPhone as her all in one system. She takes photos of clients products for her records, keeps their contact information in her address book, takes notes using the handy notepad, and emails them to herself as needed. She also keeps track of her appointments thanks to the convenient calendar.

Every night when Mary gets home from her busy day, she simply places her iPhone on its cradle and hooks the USB to her computer. All of the information she has added to her iPhone for that day automatically updates on her computer. Mary uses Yahoo! as her email provider. When the iPhone finishes its sync with her computer, her computer automatically syncs with her Yahoo! In 1-2 minutes and one simple placement of the phone on the cradle, Mary has connected her phone information to her computer and her email provider.

Mary manages her technology instead of her technology managing her.

Voice-activated systems

We’ve all been there. We are driving in our car and a million thoughts race through our minds – all the things we have to attend to, and all of the urgent emails that impatiently await our reply. Unfortunately, unless you pull over every time one of these thoughts pops into your brain, then you have to wait until you get to your destination, which by then you have forgotten half of what you thought of while driving.

A voice activated all-in-one system, like Jott, is an easy way to manage everything you have to juggle in your daily life (and remember while driving or doing something else). It connects all of your technology for you, and all you have to do is speak what’s on your mind. This is especially helpful for the technologically challenged. Simply set up your Jott account at, call the Jott toll-free, tell Jott where you want your message to go (in your calendar, in an email to a friend, on your to-do list, or to a friend), and then wand your message. Voila–it’s done. Voice activation is a great, virtually hands-free way to manage all of your technology with the sound of your voice.

Be consistent–use it regularly

Whether it’s an all-in-one device, a voice activated system, or another piece of technology you use to manage your life, the key to managing it is to use regularly and consistently. Put your system in place and make it work in whatever way makes the most sense for you. The more you use, the better you will get to know it and the easier it will become to use.

Technology may interest you or it may frighten you. Either way, technology just keeps get better and better and learning how to use it now is sure to make your quality of life better and better, too.

Join the Discussion! Share with us your favorite technology gadget that has made life more livable for you.

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