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Hang Out With Winners If You Want To Win

joyous.jpgSometimes the rut that you are in, or the mood you want to change, or the bad feelings that manifest themselves in you are easier to shake than you might think.

Simply take a look around. Is your “best friend” someone who calls you a million times a day wanting you to get them out of their dilemmas or talk them off a roof? Is your mother-in-law trying to make you understand that there is only one way of doing things… her way? Does your pal from work spend more time complaining about the daily grind than actually grinding? Maybe the sour taste in your mouth is not coming from you at all but from those that surround you.

Seek Out Happy and Successful People

You will find that more times than not the ones who like their jobs, have a smile on their face, who never complain about things being unfair or that life has dealt them a hand of lemons are the same people that are content in their own lives… winners. They don’t have to put on an act; it’s how they feel.

A winning attitude is something that comes from within and cannot be nurtured and bloomed when surrounded by the dark cloud of negativity. And have you ever noticed… winners hang out with each other! It’s no accident that the most successful groups, whether it’s a child’s playdate, a company think-tank or the board of your church, have one thing in common… they are all involved for the greater good. The old cliché of one spoiled apple ruining the bushel is one that needs to be considered if you are wanting to make a serious change. Get the negativity out and pour on the positive!

Limit the Bad Influences

Changing your life can be as easy as spending more time on you and your needs, and removing those from your life that are dragging you down. Sometimes this is not as all possible (aforementioned mother-in-law?!…not a problem!). Simply limit your involvement with these people and if you can’t, make sure that you put in place guidelines for YOU when you are dealing with them. The biggest misconception is that you can change people– that they really don’t mean what they say, that they had a rough adolescence, or whatever. Excuses, all!

YOU have the power to limit the involvement that they have in YOUR life. If they show up every weekend with new ideas, new problems, limit the amount of time you spend stewing over it and find something that you know takes your mind off of it immediately on their departure. Read a book, watch that great show/movie that you DVRed, get online, go to the gym, have a drink!

Befriend those who can improve YOU

There are certain people that truly love what they do for a living… I do! If you see a mom at the playground with a smile on her face and happy to be with her kids, introduce yourself. Join a community group. Successful happy people are well rounded individuals. Whether it’s your home owners association, the local volunteer firefighters or member of the Rotary Club, get out there and network. People gravitate toward the good influences…they are easy to find. At the gym? Introduce yourself to fellow gym members that have your same schedule, or better yet befriend the staff… people who love their jobs and serve as terrific and inspiring role-models.

Being a Winner is not linked to your paycheck

Though it would be nice to win the lottery, it’s highly unlikely and it is imperative to find a happy balance in your lifestyle. You ARE a winner when you feel good mentally and physically. You have a clear mind and no regrets. Mean what you say and follow through on your goals and your promises. Living life without regrets makes you a winner!

Get on the Winner’s Fast Track to Success.

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